The Ancestry of The Mongols


Legendary Ancestors: The two Siberian animals, the blue-gray Wolf and the reddish-brown Deer:

Borte Cinoa/Quua Maral


Traditional ancestors:

Batachikan, first son of The Wolf and the Deer, wife unrecorded

Kharchu, seventh generation after Batachikan, wife unrecorded

Kharchu's son, Borjigidai the Wise/Mongoljin the Fair


Chingis Khan's carnal parents:

Yesugei the Brave of the Borjigin/Hoelun of the Olkunud


Beginning of the Chingisids:

Temuchin of the Borjigin (=Chingis Khan)/Boerte of the Onggirat


The four sons of Chingis Khan and Boerte:



(Died 1227)


(Died 1242)

Ogodai/ Toregene of the Merkit

(Ogodai died 1241)

Tolui/Sorkhaqtani of the Kereyit

(Tolui died 1233)

Batu (First Khan of Kipchak) (Russia)

(Died 1256)

Chagaitaite Khans, one branch later formed Moghul Empire in India Guyuk Khan

(Died 1248)

Moengke Khan

(Died 1259)

Hulagu Khan (First il-khan of Persia)

(Died 1265)

Kublai Khan (Founder of the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China)

(Died 1294)

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