Mongolian links

Useful Web-addresses for Mongolian information on the Internet. In the high-quality pages listed here you certainly will find valuable material. Each one has its own characteristics and areas of interest. They are not sorted in order of importance, but with the newest additions first. Take your time to see all the links.

If you find that some of the links here are no longer working due to changes of sites, please notify me. Also, if you are a webmaster who has changed the address to your site, please also notify me.

Feel free to submit your suggestions and comments to: pioe@[removethis] A website mostly in Mongolian. Many users are Mongol-speaking students who study abroad.

Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge A center of Inner Asian research

World Countries. "The source where you will find all necessary information about countries of the world on the net." Site specializing in Mongolian travels, and also promotes broad cultural exchange Another good resource An Internet library over webpages, with homepage thumbnails LinguaMongolia - Classical Mongolian Grammar/Tutorials/Translation The Online Teacher Resource - with many interesting documents The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads A very valuable educational resource. "Teacher's favorite"
The Ultimate Teacher's Resource Guide - another educational guide Excellent site for info on Mongolian traditional Shamanism, Folklore and Poetry

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